We believe that residents should make as many of their own decisions as possible. These choices are a part of the everyday routine which allows the resident to plan their day. They may choose what foods to eat as well as the time it is served. Other choices include what time to get up and go to bed. The resident may also choose his/her own bath time and the activities in which they participate.

Our Activity and Social Services Departments provide for the social needs of individuals with a variety of different activities. Planned outings and bus trips provide positive fun for the residents away from the facility. Playing games, working on crafts, and attending planned parties are other ways residents can spend their time. Able residents can take part in the Village's exercise program in order to maintain good physical health. Special speakers are a frequent, enjoyable visit to the facility, and morning coffee time allows residents to discuss a variety of different issues affecting them. The Fairview Fellowship Home also provides many other forms of entertainment for the residents.